Owner Support Services

International Construction Consultants’s (ICC) Pre-Construction Support is second to none. Our integrated approach to construction management and the steps indicated below throughout the preconstruction stage of a project saves our clients money.

From the outset of the design, ICC monitors the whole design, cost and planning process through to the bid stage. When construction begins, ICC is there to ensure that the client’s project stays on schedule, stays within budget, minimizes change orders, and overall the clients get a building that is value for the overall investment.

ICC will mitigate any potential claims and, in the event a dispute arises, then our experts in claims analysis will provide you with an unbiased expert opinion to assist you in determining if there is a dispute/claim, in the settlement negotiation or ultimately in litigation.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis
    To first establish whether the Project is a viable proposition.
  • Feasibility Studies
    Focus on helping answer the essential question of “should we proceed with the proposed project idea?” All of our studies are directed toward helping answer this question.
  • Cost Planning
    Estimate the value of your proposed project throughout the various stages of design, including construction performance, site utilization requirements, sequencing, operational and access constraints, building logistics, planning and permitting, sequence of construction, and overall construction duration incorporating any milestone dates required by the Owner.
  • Value Engineering
    Analytical process where every construction system, component and material is identified and analyzed for a cheaper and alternative product or design while maintaining the design, integrity, functionality and performance of the building.
  • Life Cycle Costing

    Assess the total cost of the facility ownership by selecting the design that ensures the project will provide the lowest, overall cost of ownership consistent with its quality and function and taking into account all the costs in acquiring, owning, and disposing of the project in order to maximize to profit.

  • Bid Preparation
    Prepare documentation for the contractor bidding process and establishing the Contractors, in conjunction with the Owner, on who should bid the project. Recommend special bid packages for specialized subcontractor installations.
  • Construction Schedule
    Establish the overall construction duration, including any Owner contract milestone dates. Also, consider timing and sequence of long-lead delivery items.
  • Estimating Service
    Full estimating service that will provide our clients with a management tool to plan, budget, design, and execute a project successfully.
  • Bid Analysis
    Analyze all contractors’ bid packages to evaluate each bid for reasonable conformance with the bid documents and our cost estimate.
  • Owner Representation
    Monitor the project throughout the construction phase. Our team focuses on cost, schedule, change orders, minimizing claims and mitigating the claims that do arise. The Owner will receive regular progress critical-path schedule updates, as well as progress reports and pictorial logs, keeping them updated on exactly where their project stands at any given moment. We have the expertise to identify potential problems before they occur. Frequent team meetings will be held with the Owners design and construction teams to ensure that all issues are dealt with expediously. ICC will act as the eyes and ears of our clients throughout the construction phase.
  • Construction Cost Control
    Our cost value reconciliation system can accurately predict the final cost at any point throughout the construction phase. Typically, the cost saving we make during the construction phase saves our clients amounts that far exceed our fees. We provide periodic reports to suit the Owner’s requirements, and we ensure that no payments are made unless the work has been completed on the project.
  • Claims Mitigation and Resolution
    Our involvement from the preconstruction phase of a project helps minimize potential claims. Critical-path scheduling, cost control, construction management systems and the correct management all help to mitigate claims. We have been involved in hundreds of disputes, and our experts in claims analysis will provide you with an unbiased expert opinion to assist you in determining if there is a claim, in the settlement negotiation or ultimately in litigation.



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