Attorney Support

International Construction Consultants (ICC) has provided a complete, thorough and clear technical analysis of numerous different types of construction claims for Owners, Architects and Engineers, Contractors and Subcontractors, Sureties and Construction Attorneys. We have worked on all types of projects that have ranged up to $2 billion dollars both nationally and internationally.

Construction disputes can be complex and could involve multiple facets of delay that have contributed to the overall delay of a project. Litigation is a costly process, and we provide you with a not-to-exceed cost to ensure that you know what the maximum liability will be for our services.

ICC has the expertise to provide our clients with the confidence that can directly influence the outcome of a particular case. ICC consultants are well versed in all aspects of construction, as this can be seen from the different types of projects ICC  consultants have worked on, and regularly work with attorneys in support of their clients.


ICC has provided consultants as expert witnesses throughout the USA and also internationally. ICC has assisted attorneys with negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial preparation and providing counsel with, but not limited to the following

Claims Preparation, CPM Schedule Analysis and Forensic Analysis of Damages /Cost Overruns

  • A thorough review of all documentation for the life of the project,
  • Provide an independent assessment of the delays, who is responsible for those delays and why,
  • Cause-and-effect analysis,
  • Prepare claims and counterclaims,
  • Calculate damages,
  • Analyze schedule impacts,
  • Develop timelines,
  • Measured mile,
  • Analyze productivity to establish acceleration, disruption or lost productivity damages,
  • Analyze cumulative impact,
  • Analyze subcontractor delays/impacts on the schedule,
  • Time impact analysis,
  • Provide analysis and documentation to defend/or apply liquidated damages,
  • Provide analysis and documentation in the defense against back charges, and
  • Detailed reports.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Support

  • Mediation, and
  • Arbitration.

Deposition Support

  • Provide both oral and written depositions,
  • Support counsel with strategy, documentation, planning and questions,
  • Preparation and analysis of interrogatories, and
  • Preparation and analysis of admissions.

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Support during litigation,
  • Independent objective testimony,
  • Cause-and-effect analysis,
  • Delay,
  • Disruption,
  • Acceleration,
  • Lost Productivity,
  • Measured mile,
  • Relevant industry expertise, and
  • Objective testimony.

Errors and Omissions Exposure Analysis for Architects and Engineers

  • Providing the information to Architects and Engineers and their insurers in the event of a claim or dispute, and
  • Act as the Designer’s dispute resolution expert.

Standing Neutral

  • Agreement by all parties involved in the project to have ICC as a third-party, neutral observer to act as independent intermediary to clarify/resolve any disputes as they arise during the project;
  • Cost split between all parties involved in the project; and
  • An alternative dispute resolution method.

Graphic Presentations

  • Mediation and arbitration charts, graphics, timelines and power point presentations, and
  • Courtroom charts, graphics, timelines and power point presentations.



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